terrWho is JTF?

JTF is multi-discipline company offering turnkey design and construction solutions for the Southern African Region.

JTF offers an integrated range of services falling within the broad realm of the Construction Industry. These services include:




Advantages of the Ultra-Span light gauge steel truss system:

  • Elegant simple system, with all members straight and true for a level roof.
  • Span capability from small low-cost to large 40m clear span commercial structures.
  • Longevity of product due to galvanized coating plus inherent properties of non-combustibility, resistance to borer and fungus attack.
  • Lower weight reduces transportation costs, improves handling and erection.
  • Ease of truss manufacture with screws and electric fixing tool directly on site or in factory conditions.
Lubrication and Pumping Solutions


Our comprehensive range of products and systems cover:

  • Centralised, automated or manual lubrication systems for mining, construction, commercial vehicles, agriculture, marine, processing plants and industrial sectors
  • Spray lubrication systems for open gears
  • Oil circulation systems
  • Transfer pumps and material dispensing pumps
  • General lubrication equipment
  • Grease fittings & accessories
  • Complete pump-to-press ink systems
Fire Suppression


We offer a comprehensive range of fire suppression systems and extinguishing agents to protect lives, assets and property, while focussing on minimizing downtime and loss of production. Our expertise in this field stretches from mobile equipment to plant and electrical. And by having an indepth understanding of our product offering we can guide you in choosing the right system for the right application.

Our effective fire suppression solutions include extinguishing agents such as AFFF, Potassium Aerosol, ABC DCP, Water Mist, 3Mâ„¢ Novecâ„¢ 1230 and others. With systems designed to suit your individual application, and to rapidly knock out fires, you will have peace of mind.

Fluid Handling


JTF supplies solutions for fluids handling for a variety of industries, examples of which are Mining, Industrial, Automotive etc.

Our customers are businesses who need to manage the storage, transport, dispensing, filtration and metering of fluids including, but not limited to, diesel, oils, greases, coolant, water and others.